BlueMaster® Kentucky Bluegrass Blend


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Slow growth

Thick dense turf

Wear tolerant

Dark green color

Grows in sun or shade

Drought tolerant

Fine leaf texture


BlueMaster® Kentucky Bluegrass Blend produces beautiful dark green, dense lawns with a fine leaf texture. The turf is wear tolerant and grows well in sun or shade. It grows slowly and is drought tolerant.

BlueMaster® has demonstrated good resistance to Fusarium Patch, Leaf Spot, Necrotic Ring Spot, Crown and Stem Rust, Snow Mold, Patch Disease, and Red Thread Disease. Is is also resistant to Dollar Spot and Bill Bugs.

Use BlueMaster® in areas well adapted to bluegrass including the upper half of the US and mountainous regions of the southwestern states. BlueMaster® is a good choice for home lawns, parks, athletic fields, sod production, golf courses, and other turf areas including commercial and industrial businesses. It is a good choice for commercial landscapers, and also works well in a blend with perennial ryegrass or fine fescue.