Wild Horse Kentucky Bluegrass

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Rapid germination

Medium leaf texture

Excellent disease resistance

Aggressive and vigorous

Rich color with low cuts

High tiller density


Wild Horse trounces the old workhorses! At a germination test-run at AgriSeed in March of 2005, Wild Horse had a 93% germination rate after 10 days compared to Moonshine at 61%, Kenblue at 58%, Sonic at 71% and Blue Angel at 57% At a test-run at Seed Technology in April 2005, Wild Horse had a 74% germination rate after 10 days while Kenblue was at 43%, Shamrock was at 33%, Famous at 42%, Abbey at 54% and Blue Angel at 9%.

Wild Horse is an excellent variety to blend with other bluegrasses, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue and tall fescues.